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Mount Royal Adopts New Pesticide Bylaw
Judy Bock
March 20, 2001


Last night Council adopted a new pesticide control bylaw to replace the less than effective bylaw adopted in 1995.

A qualified person will be hired this summer to sensitize residents and contractors about the changes and to get the population prepared for full implimention after Dec. 2001 when an application on grass will only be allowed under an individual permit if a serious infestation (threatening human health or important damage to a significant part of the property ) and ther is no other solution.

We have a number of very commited residents who will stay involved as "watch dogs" and act as a support group for the employee in charge. Attached is the final draft...I can send the actual bylaw in both languages to anyone who might be interested.

Judy Bock

Download the bylaw as a word document here.