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CanadiansAgainstPesticideS is a grass-roots, activist organization dedicated to banning all pesticides known or suspected of having deleterious effects on humans (especially children) and wildlife.

"Many studies...point to strong associations between chemical pesticides and...brain tumours, brain cancer, breast cancer...childhood leukemia..."

Why a Ban on Pesticides?
We base our position on a wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating links between pesticide exposure and disease.
Dr. Merryl Hammond, founder of Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment notes:

Many studies published in prestigious...journals... point to strong associations between chemical pesticides and ... birth defects, brain tumours and brain cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, childhood leukaemia...

This statement was made to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development. They subsequently released a report "Pesticides, Making the Right Choice for the Protection of Health and The Environment " that demands immediate action to phase out pesticide use and to encourage organic and bio-sensitive farming and landscape practices.

This position is also held by medical organizations
including the Ontario College of Family Physicians,
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
and the prestigious Massachusetts Medical Society, by respected environmentalists like Dr. David Suzuki and a host of scientists in the research community whose responsibility rests in understanding the relationship between pesticide exposure and health.

Our Mission

  1. To inform Canadians about the health threat that pesticides pose, especially to children
  2. To unite Canadians in public campaigns to effect a comprehensive ban of all pesticides known or suspected of having deleterious health effects on humans (especially children) and wildlife.
Fulfilling this mission requires the pursuit of several campaigns. These campaigns include:
  • a comprehensive community awareness program
  • a petition demanding an immediate ban on cosmetic pesticides
  • protests of public/private institutions that use and/or advocate the use of cosmetic pesticides
  • a letter writing campaign targeted at the Prime Minister, Health Minister, Environment Minister and local MP's.
  • encouraging media exposure through these and other actions
We encourage all Canadians, especially parents and medical professionals, to join CAPS in this mission. Please call us at 905 692-4546 or email us at